Artesania Latina AL22840 JS ELCANO wood ship kit in 1:110 scale!

AL22840 Artesania Latina JS Elcano wood ship kit

This Spanish Navy’s 4 Masted Naval Training Academy Training ship was launched in Cadiz on the 5th of March 1927. In preparation for the great race of 3,600 miles between Lisbon and Hamilton in 1964, some of her sails were amended and after some hard training the ship reached a speed of 15 knots. She has a crew of 36 officers, 143 trainee sailors and 70 Marines. The ship also has 2 saluting cannons and her total length is 309ft (94.13) meters.

Scale 1/110 Length 40″ Height 21″

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AL22840 El Cano
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