Billings Boats BIL450 Half Moon 1/40 scale wood ship kit!

Henry Hudson (1565-1611) was an English explorer who received a commission from the Dutch East India Company to find a Northern trading route to China and Japan. In April 1609 he sailed North and East on the ship the “Halve Maen” to try and find a route around the northern shores of Russia in order to reach the Pacific Ocean that way. After several attempts, which always were stopped by the pack-ice, he crossed the Atlantic to try and find a route north of America. On this voyage he sailed up the Hudson River as far as Albany.

Height 63cm, Length 67cm, Width 20cm
Please note this item is being sold by The Modeller’s Workshop, a Canadian company based in Quebec and, as such, Quebec and Canadian clients will be asked to pay appropriate taxes.

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Billings Boats BIL450
Billings Boats BIL450
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