Designing the Sahara 750 Yacht!

It’s more than time to design and build a new boat in Montreal. As I am working my way into a new career, as a parts designer and manufacturing engineer, I thought it would be fun to hone my skills by designing a boat from the ground up. I’m a big fan of the Star Class sailboat, and have been sailing on these amazing sailboats since 2001.

I love teaching people how to sail. The Star is an excellent boat to improve your skills because the feel of the boat, and the related speed, changes within seconds of making changes.

However, the Star is quite difficult to sail with a complete novice so I’ve been thinking about building a boat that looked and felt like a Star, but could carry three people, for some time now. I have decided to start the design and use what I’m learning in my CAD courses to move the design along. It sure would be fun to build this boat.

Please follow along and let me know what you think. Any help is most appreciated. You can reach me through the Contact page on the site or by Skype at rick.shousha.

Best Regards,

Rick Shousha

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