The Pocher Aventador.!

What a surprising new model from Pocher. This brings the brand to modellers at least two generations younger than those who have been buying the Classics and one generation younger than those who are building the Testarossa and the F40.



We are taking orders on the current models as well as pre-orders on the soon-to-be-released models at this time. The first model is available in two colors, orange and white. The white version will only be available for a limited time. Both versions originally came out at $799 but we are only selling the white one to clients who buy at least two kits.

April 2014

Now that we have had a chance to see the models we are fairly happy with the evolution of the brand. The quality of the kit is far superior to the old classics but the subject is more evolved, as well. Cars today are built to much tighter tolerances than they were eighty years ago and we would not have expected the model to be any different.

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