Maristella MAR-910 LIBURNIAN MERCHANT SHIP NOVILARA 69cm 1/35 scale wood ship kit!

“Model Description: These Liburnians ships used for commercial and war purposes were built between the present towns of Zadar and Rijeka and in Novilara on the other side of the Adriatic Sea. Their builders have sailed on them throughout the Adriatic Sea already 900 years before Christ. Historians have traced this type of ship according to the view of color engraved on the tombstone Novilara in Pesaro, sculpture of the Mycenean era. It shows the battle Novilara and Liburna, where identical boats were used.This is a model whose rostrum was used for stranding on the coast shoreline, but also to break through the hull of other ships in battle, which is clearly seen in the figure. The figure clearly shows that the stern rudder had tied a rope to the stern which is historically attested, and the use of which has been confirmed only in the XV. c. The sail is embroidered on the cloth. Structural elements are laser cut. For ages 12 and up. Thanks for looking!

The Modeller’s Workshop
Montreal, Quebec, Canada”





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