Modeller’s Workshop MW306 1/72 scale Royal Louis laser-cut frame set!

We are pleased to make available a laser-cut frame set for the Royal Louis, in 1/72 scale. These parts are scaled up from the original MV40 Mamoli kit drawings.

Here are a few pictures showing the difference between the original 1/90 scale and the 1/72 scale parts. Note that this is not a direct scaling up of the parts. All notches and dimensions have been adjusted and we sure did find some interesting mistakes in the original plans.

Please note these parts are only available as a service to a builder who has obtained the proper copyrights from the manufacturer.

Keel Section

This picture shows the 25% increase in size of the parts of the model when it is scaled up from 1/90 scale to 1/72 scale.

IMG_0061-2 Typical Bulkheads

Here we can see the size difference in two typical bulkheads. Notice that the numbering is clear and easy to read.

More PartsIn this case, we have developed every single part that was originally included in the kit. However, note that all the notch dimensions are prepared to meet the thickness of the Canadian birch plywood we use. This wood is durable, strong, and as flat as any plywood we have seen. IMG_0062-1

The following few pictures show all the parts that are included with this frame set. There are two thicknesses of wood, one for the main bulkheads and another for decks and various thinner parts.

IMG_0063-1 IMG_0064-1
IMG_0068-1 IMG_0067-1

These parts are Made in Canada from carefully chosen birch plywood in .234” and .115” thickness.
Thanks for looking!
Modeller’s Workshop

n.b. the large picture at the top of this page was sent to us from Mamoli when we distributed their models through our online store.

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