Laser-cut replacement decks and bulkheads for your models!

Clients regularly complain about imperfect frames for boat models. Typical hand-cut frames do not interlock properly because the connection points between any two frame parts are broken off by hand. Have a good look at a typical, major –brand, model and you’ll see what I mean. The better brands are using CNC-cut frames and these are much better. At least the edges are parallel and the frames sit one on the other fairly consistently.

Now, if you look at the really good kits, for example the ones from Euromodel or Amati, are laser-cut. Have a close look and you’ll see the outstanding finish on these parts. The frame edges are sharp, square, and extremely smooth. Not only do they fit well, they also hold their position very nicely.
With a good frame, things line up properly and you can build a nicer model in a shorter period of time. You also don’t have to worry as much that later parts will need adjusting.

With this in mind, I have decided to build replacement frames for models. It seems to me there is nothing quite as nice as a wooden frame built up from laser-cut parts. I’ll be starting with some of the more popular kits, especially those that have really bad frames, and prepare a few sets of frames of each model. Hopefully the process of copying the parts and producing them can be made simple enough that the cost to implement this project will be kept to a minimum.

Now, let me check with the manufacturers to see that they don’t feel I’m infringing on some kind of copyright.
Best Regards,

Rick Shousha
The Modeller’s Workshop

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