Tamiya TAM14107 Konica Minolta RC211V 2006 1/12 scale model motorcycle kit!

“Length: 172mm

【 Aggressive Riding! 】 The joint Japanese and Italian racing team JiR (Japan Italy Racing) have been participating in the MotoGP since 2005. Backed by main sponsor Konica Minolta, JiR rider Makoto Tamada took the team’s Honda RC211V into battle. The brilliant livery of the machine featured a blue-on-white paint scheme with Konica Minolta’s logos prominently displayed on teh cowlings. Tamada earned a 3rd place podium finish in 2005 and was among the top group of riders for hte 2006 season, always showing his tenacity and determination.

【 About the Model 】 ★High-quality 1/12 scale assembly model kit of the Konica Minolta RC211V’06. ★Length: 172mm, Wideth: 55mm ★Ultra-detailed 990cc V5 engine complete with air box in front of the fuel tank. ★Metal-plated parts for frame and swing arm for added realism. ★Cowlings, tank cover, and windscreen customized to fit Tamada are all accurately reproduced. ★Side and bottom cowlings can be attached and removed with precision-made screws to display internal details. ★Exhaust system and suspension setup accurate for the 2006 machine. ★High-quality Cartograf decals. ★Solid rubber racing slick tires provides an authentic feel.

For ages 12 and up

Thanks for looking!

The Modeller’s Workshop
Montreal, Quebec, Canada”

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