1903 Reliance half-hull, in 1:16 scale – kit number MW183!

A freakish boat, but very, very fast. Basically, Reliance was built for one purpose, to defend the America’s Cup, and if she was going to be scrapped after racing, that was fine with Cornelius Vanderbilt, and the New York Yacht Club syndicate that financed her.

Just imagine; here boom along was 108 feet long! Imagine that thing swinging over during a gybe. I don’t think this was going to to over too well as a cruising boat.

Our half-hull frame set is 108″ long, at 1:16 scale, and the backboard can be used directly as a hanging surface. Paint a wall behind the structure, and you will have a wonderful artwork for your den, behind a couch, or behind a bar.

Reliance half-hull across the back of a large couch

Thanks for looking!

MW183 - Reliance half
MW183 - Reliance half
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