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Modeller’s Workshop is developing a line of large-scale model boat kits, in flexible construction modules, that include enough research, plans, instructions, and parts, to allow a modeller to start construction as soon as the first module arrives on their workbench. Modules are being developed to include basic materials such as frames and planking, all the way to complete sets, including fine materials, fittings, and electronics.

Enough research, plans, parts, and instructions are included so the modeller will have few parts, if any, to source from alternate suppliers. Detailed and complete instructions are supplied through construction logs on various social media websites, as well as through the Modeller’s Workshop website itself.

Modeller’s Workshop frame sets are known for their innovative assembly styles, their precision, and the interesting subjects they include. These modular kits take the best of the dozens of designs to a level where just about any avid modeller can achieve excellent results.

Apart from this standard line of kits the company will continue to take personalized commissions for specific models, as usual.

This page is organized as if you were looking to build one of our standard models, or even something new. Have a look and please let us know if you have some other good sources of information.


Basic Building Materials–Scale construction materials. US site.–Dave cuts wood to order and is in Ohio.— Egor makes his own rope for scale model builders. He’s in Canada.

Plans and Building Information–Dave Mainwaring’s blog of R/C Star sailing.–Ship Modelling for Dummies. A very good primer.–John Hanks III has a fine series of articles. – Oleg’s plans of offshore vessels.

R/C Sailing Spars, Sails, and Blocks–Patrick has the blocks and rigging you need. He ships daily.– Brian is a builder of custom sails.–Tony and Mike are very knowledgeable about R/C sailing, and are in Canada!

American Model Yachting Association Classes We design many boats for this class and continue to design more of them all the time.

R/C Engines and Controls Excellent resource for brushed and brushless DC motors. They will design an engine for your special application, if they don’t have one that fits your needs.

Steam Engines John Godfrey has been making steam engines in Australia since the late 90s. If you are ready to liven-up your project, John is ready to help you out.

Fine Scale Model Parts–The reference on Pocher parts.–Some of the best accessories around.


MW117 – J-class YankeeYankee on–Blake Moran’s wonderful Canadian build.
MW135 – America in 1:20 scaleAmerica on–A precise and careful Italian build.
MW139 – Maltese Fishing Boat – Maltese Fishing Boat on RCGroups–Build Log from California.
MW133 – J-Class VelshedaVelsheda on RCGroups–A construction from Spinnaker225.
MW233 – Friendship SloopFriendship Sloop on RCGroups–A build log from the East Coast of the US.


Wood Ship Restoration – Wood boat restorer in Nestleton, Ontario. Some ideas for future models?

Model Motorcycle and Car Sites
www, – An inspirational collection of motorcycle builds of different scales and brands.–Builders of great Pocher models.–Interesting kits and models.–The art of extreme detail.–A huge modelling forum site.

Model Ship Sites–Building thread for the ENVOY Admiralty Tug.–Building thread of the Yorkshireman Tug. Great fun.–John Andela, of Whitby, Ontario is one the best model builders I know.–Interesting series of books.
www.beagle.html–One of Montreal’s finest groups of model builders.–The best forum to chat with other builders, learn skills, and share ideas.

Brass Fittings–Roger Cousineau, in Florida, does some fine work in brass.

Craftsmanship–Joe Martin Foundation museum of fine craftstmanship.

Museums–The National Museum of the US Air Force.–Musee de la Marine in Paris.

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