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Custom-made display cases

Have a look at our popular line of quality acrylic display cases for your scale model cars, trains, and small ships. The selection of dimensions grows continuously but we can also make a specific dimension just for your model or your special spot. Click here to see the growing collection.
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Small Parts Design and Fabrication

We have CNC precision machining capability, laser-cutting design and manufacturing capability and photo-etch parts design and manufacturing capability. we can also produce the tiniest parts in very high precision on a variety of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies. Let us bring your project to life! Please click on the picture to the left.
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Full Construction and Fabrication Services

After almost ten years catching up to our backlog of model-building commissions we are now, once again, open for model construction business. Beyond our local Montreal artists, we have recently found an excellent partner to help us with orders for single and multiple models, for proof-of-concept design and corporate presentations. Let us know what we can build for you. Please click on the picture to the left to read more about our construction services.
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New Line from MarisStella of Split, Croatia

We don't often add a new line to what we offer on the website but, when we do, we make sure it's a good one. We like the MarisStella line because the subjects are fresh, the quality is absolutely excellent, the owners are award-winning builders and the company is very interested in helping modellers grow their skills as they move up through the line.
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Great Models from Euromodel, of Como, Italy

Euromodels have excellent kits for the advanced modeller. The metal parts are very good, the quality and quantity of the wood is excellent, and the company prides itself on giving you plans that will allow you to build the kit to the detail level you like.

The Guinea Pig Village

We are always inventing new things at Modeller's Workshop and the Guinea Pig Village is our latest creation. Why should your little cavy spend his time chewing on plastic and metal houses when he can be enjoying the taste and comfort of Canadian birch plywood? Have a look through our collection of Guinea Pig structures and give your little animal a home worthy of his name. Click here to order yours!

What's trending blog

Where I discuss techniques, tips, how to choose your first model, how digital modelling is affecting traditional modelling and anything else that clients like to hear about. If you want something discussed, have a look at this section.

Some models from our Traditional Gallery


Pocher K73 Alfa Romeo Touring 1:8 scale model

The colour scheme of this model was based on an old black and white photograph.

Pocher K71 Alfa Romeo Monza 1:8 scale model

What can be more classic than a red Alfa Romeo?

Amati 1712-01 1909 Bleriot XI 1/10 scale model

Built for the Canadian Air and Space Museum in Toronto

Pocher K84 1932 Bugatti Type 50T Coupé de Ville 1:8 scale model

The color scheme was based on a fabulous piece of the softest leather we've ever seen for the interior. Click on the picture to see construction details.
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