Display Cases​


Custom-Made Display Cases

  • For scale models and precious items
  • Even Lego!
  • Custom sizes available
  • Made in Canada

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Client Display Cases

  • From very small to very large
  • Excellent dust protection
  • Happy clients since 2001
  • Very popular for the new Lego models

Can we build one for you?


3D printed parts and .stl files


Parts library for modellers

  • We are adding new parts every day
  • In a variety of scales for R/C and static models
  • For specific models and as general add-ons
  • Made in Canada





Design of new parts

  • We create 3D models from scratch
  • Send us a picture, a sketch, or even a part that needs to be redesigned
  • We use the best software possible to create the files quickly, and with great attention to detail
  • Designed in Canada.  We can deliver the part or the .stl file.

Can we design something for you?

If you are looking to build a large-scale R/C boat model, you have come to the right place! 




How We Design Our Kits

  • Extensive research done on all our models
  • Laser cut and CNC for accuracy
  • Quality control and final assembly done inhouse

Why not click on the pictures below and start your own large-scale R/C adventure?


Choose from our extensive collection of models. We propose a modular arrangement to construction. Buy the parts as you need them. All our kits are Made in Canada. 


The AMYA J-Class Yachts

These are the largest R/C boats we design. The Class is active and growing. 

We supply frame sets, planking, deck structures, and a king plank, to simplify deck construction. 

Click on the picture to see what models we have available for you. 




Select from iconic Canadian and American powerboats, commuter boats, and launches. 





Tug Boats

Our group of large-scale tug boats allow for a nice level of detail. Choose from Canadian and American traditional subjects. 


Once you have chosen your model, we can supply the planking for the hull and the deck



Hull and deck planks 

  • 48-inch (1200mm)
  • 72-inch (1828mm)
  • accurate milling of planks
  • deck planking available

Click on the picture to purchase your planking. 




Our amazing King Plank system

  • Reduces your work and helps you produce an amazing deck each time.

Click on the picture to purchase your king plank. 


Some of Our Finest Frame Sets


Malabar VI in 1:12 scale

Some basic dimensions of our model:

  • LOA: 52 ¼”
  • LWL: 38”
  • Beam: 12”
  • Draft: 8 ½” (including 1 ¼” allowance for stability)

We design our models so they are fun to build and look great on the water! Our aim is to give people the closest experience to building a real scale model and at the same time making it as simple as possible to get a great result. 

To buy the frame set, please click here.


A few Questions and Answers

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  • Some building tips
  • What kit should you start with?
  • What are good brands?
  • Some News About Modeller's Workshop


Some models from our Traditional Galler






Pocher K71 Alfa Romeo Monza 1:8 scale model

What can be more classic than a red Alfa Romeo?





Amati 1712-01 1909 Bleriot XI 1/10 scale model

Built for the Canadian Air and Space Museum in Toronto


Pocher K84 1932 Bugatti Type 50T Coupé de Ville 1:8 scale model

The color scheme was based on a fabulous piece of the softest leather we've ever seen for the interior. Click on the picture to see construction details.


Online since 1999, The Modeller's Workshop is ready to serve you.


Rick Shousha

Montreal, Canada


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