Client Display Cases

Display Cases for the World

There are all kinds of interesting things that go into our display cases. Here are a few notable ideas for you from the last few years.

A Vancouver client was very happy with this display case we made for her for a Japanese tea set her grandfather bought for her grandmother, when he was stationed there during WWII. A real family heirloom, it has now been in her family for over seventy years.

Here’s a nice picture of a diorama that includes some nifty rail to truck loading. There is some really nice workmanship here. Look closely and you can see some workers in their green overalls.

  Here’s a really nice locomotive model on another black base.
This is one of our most popular cases. We like to make our cases taller than the commercial cases one finds for models so the edge is not in the line-of-sight of the viewer. Yes, the cost of shipping is certainly higher than for a close-fitting case but shipping cost happens only once; viewing the model continues long after.  
  Our most popular stain colour is cherry. It really makes the models stand out and brings out the nice oak grain of the veneer in our bases.

Museums and Libraries

Museums and libraries have their special requirements and we are happy to oblige. Both generally ask for hidden locks on the cases and flat edges all around.

Here’s a case that went to a fine little museum in Woodstock, Vermont. This special case was designed to fit exactly on the side table. We took up as much height as possible making our case unobtrusive but protective.
  As with all display cases that are specifically built for museums, the edges are flat. There are no bent parts. This makes the acrylic look like glass except it has the safety of acrylic. Here is a close-up of one corner, showing the nice, glued, corners.
Here is a model that a client in Montreal was gracious enough to donate to a local library. Libraries won’t take any model that comes along but something with historical significance to the area or city may be interesting. In this case, this HMS Bounty model fit with the library’s interests.  

More Cases

We can bend the tops of display cases up to 47 inches wide. Beyond that we make all our cases with flat edges, like the ones we make for museums. Here is a nice 72-inch display case with flat edges.

This model of an early Alfa Romeo race car is installed over a green base that the client provided. We supplied the brown base and the acrylic top. These small cases really bring out the character of a model without distracting from the overall look.
There’s nothing quite like paddling a quiet lake in the evening, listening to the loons, or starting out on a trip down a river in a canoe.  
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