AMA 1614 – Bismarck 1:200 scale!

The Bismarck was a WWII German battleship, named in honor of 19th century chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898). She is famous for the sinking of the battlecruiser Hood and the subsequent hunt she was given which led to her destruction. Eponymous of the Bismarck class, the only other unit of the same class was the Tirpitz.

Product Details
– Equipment: Cradle, Two-volume in color assembly instructions Components
2.266 photoengraved parts
– 16 laser cut plywood sheets
– Wooden decks
– Wooden hull with frames and planking
Model scale: 1:200
Difficulty level: 4 to five
Height: 11.50 inch
Width: 7.16 inch
Length: 50 inch

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