Amati 1440 New Bedford Whale Boat 1/16 scale wood ship kit!

The New Bedford whaleboat was a light, swift craft. It was double ended so that it could reverse direction quickly and easily. It was planked with rot-resistant cedar only half an inch thick, with lapstrake construction. A whaleboat could be dragged by the harpooned whale for many miles and at high rate, before the prey tired. Sometimes it took days to sail back, therefore drinkable water, food, tobacco, mast, sails and compass were always stored onboard.

The kit has been carefully engineered to provide hours of modeling enjoyment.

It includes precut keel and frames; internal planking in hardwwood strips; external precut and preformed planking; all the accessories in wood, metal and resin, mast; building instructions and plans.

Scale 1:16 – Total Length cm. 55

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Amati 1440
Amati 1440
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