Artesania Latina AL19004 Jolly Boat HMS Bounty, 1:25 Wooden Model Ship Kit!

“Length: 415mm
Width: 340mm
Height: 363mm

Discover the HMS Bounty Jolly Boat, wooden model of the boat in which William Bligh was shipped with 18 loyal sailors after the riot of its crew of the HMS Bounty.

In December 1787, HMS Bounty left England bound for Haiti to transport bread trees to the Caribbean. A great storm forced them to change course, and they arrived in Haiti with months of delay. This delay forced them to remain on the island several months until it was again possible to collect the shoots from the bread tree. During those months, the crew became accustomed to life on the island, and had created familes for themselves. After many difficulties on the part of Bligh to reimpose the discipline undertook trip the 4 of April of 1789, producing the mutiny 24 days later. Bligh sailed more than 3,500 nautical miles for 47 days to the port of the Dutch colony of Coupang, losing only one of his men on the voyage.

Build your wooden scale model 1:25 of the HMS Bounty Jolly Boat, scene of one of the most famous nautical feats of history. The modeling kit contains high precision laser-cut board parts, fine woods, brass, cast iron and cotton sails ready to be placed. Guided by our detailed step-by-step instructions on DVD- you can complete your replica or scale model of this navigation legend. The kit does not include printed instructions. “

AL19004 - bounty boat
AL19004 - Bounty Boat
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