Bluejacket Ship Crafters BLUK1022 YANKEE HERO 1889 | Maine fishing sloop 3/8″ scale wood ship kit!

LOA: 14 7/8″

Scale: 3/8″=1′

Handsome, seaworthy boats such as the YANKEE HERO met the need for fast, easily-handled boats to transport sardines to the processing plants in eastern Maine. YANKEE HERO was an actual boat whose model is in the National Watercraft Collection of the Smithsonian. She is typical of a type of craft known both as a ‘Quoddy boat or an Eastport pinky. BlueJacket has spent a year in the development of our Skillbuilder kits, so that anyone with the desire can craft a fine wooden ship model. While this model was designed with the first time builder in mind, everyone will enjoy owning this delightful model. This kit provides everything needed to complete a fine wood ship model in one box ! This model makes a great gift.

BlueJacket Skillbuilder kits make great gifts. They are totally complete with tools, paint, glue, sand paper, etc. Nothing more to buy! And because they are so compact, they are easy to travel with and only need a small work area.
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The Modeller’s Workshop
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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