Charles D. Mower Design Number 22 at 1:8 scale – 42″ – kit number MW191!

Charles Drown Mower (1875 – 1942) of New York was a noted yacht designer and author, and was at one time design editor of the Rudder magazine and a contributing author to Motor Boating magazine.

There is a very good Wikipedia page that describes his life and some of his designs. There is also a nice section of his designs at the Mystic Seaport Library. In particular, 433 plans cover 107 of his designs.

Design Number 22 – 28ft.   model is 42” (1:8 scale)

The 1909 design was intended as a fast racing boat that could also serve as a family runabout on the St. Lawrence River. The original twenty boats were built by the Joseph Leyare Boat Works in Ogdensburg and sold on a subscription basis, each boat given a number in the order purchased. These numbers were painted large on the topside at the bow so the boats could be easily identified while racing. Over the years these boats became known locally as the “Number Boats”.

The Model

Our model includes bulkheads, a T-rail structure to simplify construction and a laser-engraved deck that can be used without planking.

Hull and deck planking can be obtained separately. A fittings kit and a power plant kit are being developed for this model and will be available separately.

Please note that several pictures of the construction process are also available to builders of the model.


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