Corel SM54 HMS Bellona 1/100 scale wood ship kit!

Corel’s reproduction is based on original plans, plus a model thought to have been built in 1778 for King George. Plank-on-bulkhead assembly uses laser-cut plywood. All fittings are finished and ready to use, although some parts must be cut from wood supplied. Bow and stern fillers assure correct hull shape, and double planking is done in limewood and walnut. Brass figurehead, stern ornamentation and photo-etched brass parts are intricately detailed. Armament consists of a full set of cast metal cannon, ranging is size from 11 to 30 millimeters. Kit is complete with cannon carriages as needed, gun port lids, silk screened flags, five diameters of rigging line, plans, illustrated instructions and display cradle.

Length 29″- Height 24″

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Corel SM54
Corel SM54
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