Corel SM55 USS Ranger 1/50 scale wood ship kit!

Corel’s plank-on-bulkhead kit features laser cut wooden parts – high quality plywood for keel and bulkheads, fine grained mahogany for the deck. Double planking is limewood and walnut. A wealth of cast white metal ornamentation and fittings includes tiller, helm, bell, belaying pins, anchors, mast caps, cabin windows, and door, handrails, cleats, oarlocks and more. Accurately scaled boxwood blocks, walnut deadeyes and two diameters of rigging line let you hoist a full complement of sail, to be fashioned from the cotton sailcloth included with the kit. You’ll display your finished model on an intricately cast metal base, complete with nameplate. Actual size plans and 44 page illustrated instruction manual make for trouble-free assembly.
Length 18″ / Height 15″
Please note this item is being sold by The Modeller’s Workshop, a Canadian company based in Quebec and, as such, Quebec and Canadian clients will be asked to pay appropriate taxes.

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Corel SM55
Corel SM55
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