Corel SM27 Yacht D’Oro 1/50 scale wood ship kit!

Manufactured by Corel of Italy, kit uses laser-cut frames and keel for its single plank-on-frame construction. Wooden formers assure proper hull shape, and pre-formed resin transom saves building time. Correctly scaled blocks, deadeyes and belaying pins, burnished metal cannon on wooden carriages and brass ornamentation outfit your model. A photo-etched copper sheet reproduces the elaborate detailing of the bulwarks, doors, windows and other trim. Three diameters of rigging line, cotton sail cloth and silk-screened flags complete the kit. Plans are on two large sheets.
Please note this item is being sold by The Modeller’s Workshop, a Canadian company based in Quebec and, as such, Quebec and Canadian clients will be asked to pay appropriate taxes.

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Corel SM27
Corel SM27
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