Jotika 9001 Nelson’s Navy HMS Cruiser 1/64 scale wood ship kit!




Kit includes:
18 brass 6 pdr guns; walnut CNC parts; double plank on bulkhead hull; black and natural hemp for rigging; full size plans and comprehensive instruction book.

The Cruiser kit has been designed with the novice / intermediate builder in mind and has an estimated building time of around three months of evening work. The Cruiser class were brig rigged sloops and were the most numerous class of warships built in the age of sail. One hundred and three built in all from the Cruiser in 1797, to the Zebra in 1815. The Cruiser class played a very active roll in the Napoleonic wars, from escort duty, reconnaissance and enemy convoy and inshore raiding. As originally built Cruiser had eighteen 6 pounder carriage guns but the ordnance was soon to change to sixteen 32 pounder carronades and two 6 pounder carriage guns. Class dimensions were: Length 100’; Breadth 30’6”; Displacement 382 tons with a crew of 121.

Jotika 9001
Jotika 9001
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