Modeller’s Workshop MW115 J-Class Project Svea 1/16 scale laser-cut frame set, total length 102.2″!

I haven’t been able to find any pictures or drawings of Svea that are free and usable. I am looking forward to hearing from someone that has something I can use.

Svea was originally designed by Sweden’s Tore Holm in the 1930s. Holm was known at the time for his classic designs of various Meter-class yachts, many of which are still sailing today. With the end of the era of the large J-Class yachts Svea was never built. However, her lines are spectacular and she is expected to be very fast upwind.

I have found little information on this yacht but I do have the following specifications:

  • Year Built: Under Construction
  • not started
  • Designer: Hoek Designs from Tore Holm lines
  • original owner: N/Aa
  • Yacht Club: N/A
  • LOA: 136 feet
  • LWL: 87 feet eleven inches
  • Beam: 21 feet
  • Draught: 15 feet
  • Displacement: unavailable
  • Sail Area: 7,580 square feet
  • Our kit number MW115 comes with:

    • the laser-cut elements to build the hull
    • a laser-cut deck with correct openings for winches
    • laser-cut deck houses
    • a T-rail structure to ease alignment

    Please note the kit does not include strip wood, ballast, spars, mast, rigging, or electronics.

    For a blog entry on the construction of a J-Class model, please click here.

    Our hulls are designed to allow you to add ballast where necessary and the depths of the keels are tweaked for better handling. This J-Class sailboat hull is deepened by approximately two inches below the scale depth. This is in concordance with the rules of the official J-Class R/C website which can be found here Currently, we have plenty of information about the construction of this model. We also have many pictures of models as well as pictures of the real boat. This material will be made available to you if you decide to build this wonderful model.

    Thanks for looking!

    The Modeller’s Workshop
    Montreal, Canada

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