Modeller’s Workshop MW141 Tuiga Class 57″ Laser-cut Frame Short Kit!

The picture above shows the 15mR Tuiga, flagship of the Monaco Yacht Club. This image is from the Wikipedia Tuiga page and has no copyrights.

Tuiga is the name given to a class of yachts designed between 1907 and 1917 to the International 15-meter Class rule. This class of boats was proposed for the Olympics of 1908 but there were no entries. Four of the twenty boats built during that period are still sailing today with one name Tuiga being the current flagship of the Monaco Yacht Club.

There is a good amount of information on these yachts on the Wikipedia site here:

Our MW141 Short Kit includes a laser-cut frame set to build a 57″ model of the Tuiga class yacht that is currently sailed out of Monaco. Our kit includes individually chosen birch plywood and includes fifteen bulkheads and a specially-designed building jig to help the modeller align the frame during construction.

Note that we can have scale and deep keel versions of this model. Please let us know when you order whether you want the deep keel version, for R/C sailing, or the scale version, for static display.

Here is a picture of the cutting diagram showing the parts you will receive with this kit.

Tuiga 57-laser-small

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