Modeller’s Workshop MW225 Max Oertz Felca Yacht 65″ Laser-cut Frames!

Felca was a 54′ yacht designed by Max Oertz in 1906. She won the International Coupe de France in that year.

Oertz’ yachts were famous for their speed and elegance without compromising comfort on board. Oertz was a passionate perfectionist who kept every detail of a yacht’s design in mind. In 1895 Max Oertz took over with his friend Hans Harder the Reiherstieg Dreyer shipyard in Hamburg, and carried on the business under the name Max Oertz & Harder. In 1902 the shipyard was continued by him as sole owner.

Oertz was the first German yacht designer who became internationally famous with such yachts as Germania, Meteor, and Aello.

Our Felca, at 65″ is a 1/10 scale representation of this fine yacht. We include 25 frames plus the transom pieces in 1/8″ birch plywood for this model. The parts also include a T-rail for ease of construction. The kit does not include any planking, spars, sails, or R/C gear.

Here is a view of the parts that you will receive as they are loosely assembled upside down on the included T-rail. Note that the rail itself should be installed on a sturdy, and flat, worktable.

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