Star Class 45″ Laser-cut Frame Set – Kit number MW230!

Modeller’s Workshop is proud to be producing laser-cut frames for the Star 45 R/C sailboat. We are now supplying the most recent revision of the design perfected by John Fisher, one of the best-known Star sailors, and consistent winner of Star 45 events.

These plans are derived from boat number 842, a boat that has placed in the top four at Star regional championships in 08, 09, 2010, and 2012.

Star 45 1985 drawings section 1

These plans are based on the original Star 45 Class Association plans that were designed in 1984. These drawings are found on Dave Mainwaring’s blog at www.woodstar45/ Dave’s site is one of many that are dedicated to this amazing R/C sailboat class. If there’s one boat that can be built consistently, and to exacting specifications, this is it.

Apart from Dave’s site and drawings done by a successful sailor, there is an avid community of Star 45 sailors. The Star 45 Class Association is found at and the Yahoo Community group is at Star 45 Yahoo Group.

Our frames include all the main bulkheads, flat parts for the foils, parts for the semi-bulkheads and a special internal jig to aid the alignment of the frame as shown in this picture:

Side view of Star Class 45 frames

Note that in this picture each frame is further supported by a jig mounted to a build board. You’ll find all kinds of ideas like this in the various resources noted above.

Once the frame is built, our frames are cut with notches for stringers, as shown in this picture:

Star 45s with stringers installed

Note that this picture shows the assembly of two boats at the same time. This is really the best way to learn how to tune boats. With two boats, you can make adjustments to one at a time and see how the boats react.

Next, one of the nice things about building a Star is that it has fairly flat sides. This means the planking is simple and quick. You get in the water faster with a Star than with a boat that needs typical planking.

Star 45 side plank installed

I can go on and on but there are plenty of websites, as noted above, that can help you build a wonderful R/C boat. Why not have join this wonderful group?

It would be a pleasure for the Modeller’s Workshop to cut a set of frames for you.

Best Regards,

Modeller’s Workshop
Montreal, Canada

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