Modeller’s Workshop MW301 1/72 scale gun port hinges (122 long and 108 short)!

These photo-etched gun port hinges were specifically designed to replace the ones that are included in the Euromodel Royal William kit. The number of hinges is designed to make two lower decks of large guns and one upper deck of smaller guns. You get 122 long hinges and 108 short hinges in a single brass photo-etch frame.

Please have a look at the .pdf in order to see the dimensions and the exact number of each size. Gun-port-ENMR-2-fret

Here is a picture showing an overall look of the fret. Note that we do not coat the brass in any shiny material, making it easier for etching primers to adhere.


Here is a picture showing our two-level photo-etch parts. With this technique we are able to create the tops of bolts right into the hinges, making them appear to have one or two extra nails holding them in place. This is a big improvement over the flat hinges one finds in kits.


As you can see from the picture above, we made the tails extremely thin. This certainly eases the removal of the hinges but it has also resulted in the loss of four of five hinges in each fret. We would like to make clients aware that they may receive the frets with a few missing hinges. If too many are missing, we will be happy to supply a few more in replacement.

Also, we would like to make people aware that there is no way to customize the shipping cost for each item on this site. This means that the shipping cost of $20, $30, or $70 (depending on destination) may seem high. In that case, you have two choices. You can buy more items off the site as the shipping cost is calculated only once per sale or you send us a note and we’ll work out another form of payment.

Thanks for looking.

Modeller’s Workshop

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