1928 Cambria half-hull, in 1:24 scale – kit number MW235!

This is a 1:24 scale half-hull model of the racing cutter Cambria. The model is just under 57′ long and is comprised of some forty laser-cut parts.

Here is a brief description of the boat itself, from their official website.

Launched in May, 1928, Cambria was the first of a new generation of big class yachts. The years of austerity after World War I were over and both Sir Mortimer Singer and Sir William Berry commissioned new cutters. Singer’s Astra was designed by Charles Nicholson and Berry’s Cambria was designed and built by William Fife.

Cambria made her racing debut in Harwich, in 1928. She was fast but, because the big class included the King’s gaff-rigged yacht, Britannia, the Bermuda-rigged modern boats took a considerable rules penalty, and the prizes went disproportionately to the older yachts. By 1929, the rules were tweaked again, and the boats sailed as an informal class within a class, with Cambria showing her true speed.

By 1931, Cambria was racing an average of fifty races a year, but later in the 1930s, she was converted to a cruising yacht and remained in Turkish waters well into the 1960s.

After years of cruising the world, and slowly falling into disrepair, she was rediscovered in Australia in 1975 and eventually sent to Cowes, in the UK, in 2001, where yachtsman John David had her reconverted to her original cutter rig.

She is seen regularly crossing finish lines across the Mediterranean, with a number of current family members on board.

From http://www.yachtcambria.com/history.html

.pdf included when you order the parts

Considering this is model will be almost 60 inches long, we have appropriate planking available, if you would like to buy it from us. Planking is sold separately.

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