John G. Alden Malabar VI, in 1:12 scale – 52 1/4″ – Kit number MW312!

This set of laser-cut frames includes what you need to build a scale model of the hull of the Alden-designed Malabar VI. The frame set does not include the deck parts, spars, or rigging. However, Modeller’s Workshop can help with locating appropriate fittings, spars, rigging, and electronics.

For a complete description of the design process for this model, please click here.

Actual boat, from

  • LOA: 52’ 3”
  • Design number: 248
  • LWL: 38’
  • Beam: 12’
  • Draft: 7’ 4”
  • Year Designed: 1925
  • Builder: Hodgdon Bros. E. Boothbay, ME.
  • Designer: John G. Alden
  • Launched: 1925
  • Still Existing or scrapped: n/a

Scale model dimensions, at 1/12 scale

  • LOA: 52 ¼”
  • LWL: 38”
  • Beam: 12”
  • Draft: 8 ½” (including 1 ¼” allowance for stability)

Some design features of the model:

Standard Equipment:

  • Topsides identical to the drawing.
  • 10% more volume below the waterline.
  • Four keels of 1/8” each to allow for ¼” slot for removable ballast keel. This gives the total width of the keel at ½”.
  • Double number of stations seen on the drawing
  • 3/16th” offset for hull planking
  • Bulkheads are 1/8” birch plywood.

The Original Plan Sheets

The original plans are in 1/48 scale and have half the bulkheads that you will get for the model.
Fig.1 – Page 1 of 2
Fig.2 – Page 2 of 2

The 3D design

As with all our recent designs, Malabar VI is completely designed in Solidworks. This allows us to design for manufacturing, which means each part is the size and shape it will be when it comes out of the laser cutter.
  In this image, we see the large number of bulkheads that are included in this kit.
The supports for the T-rail are included and are part of the bulkheads.
This image shows the bulkheads with their attached t-rail.

Some Details of The Malabar VI Kit

Note the nice laser-engraved numbers in Fig. 3 that will ease assembly. In Fig. 4 you can see how a centerboard can be inserted between the two central keel boards. The ambitious modeller will put a servo in there to include a lifting mechanism. With this size model, there is enough space for that.

Fig.3 – Cut Frame
Fig.22 – Frame under construction

Client Pictures

Here is Malabar just out of the build board and with the parts of the bulkheads that form the T-rail removed.

I was planning on designing and cutting the deck houses for this model but my initial customer had been working at COVID-speed. Since the pandemic had kept so many people indoors, the speed with which they are building models has tripled or quadrupled and I have not been able to design all the parts I had intended. So this kit comes with only the hull parts.

Because of his speed, the first builder decided he wanted to make the deck parts himself. Actually, they look really nice!

In the picture below, she has her deck installed and the openings for the cabins are cut out.

Deck is looking really good right now.

Here’s a nice picture of Malabar in the water in 2021.

MW312 - Malabar
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