Pocher K53 Ferrari Testarossa Coupe Black Star 1/8 scale model car kit!

The Pocher Ferrari kit is a large die-cast model with some very interesting features. I especially like the metal shock-absorbers, the lovely racing style knock-off wheel hubs, and the large rear hood. It’s just like the real thing: drop it from high enough and your heart stops.

The model can certainly use some improvement and there is enough space in a 1/8 scale model to do plenty of scratch-building. The first place I start is with the paint. Although these black ones have a decent paint job, it’s way too much fun to strip off the paint and start over. One of these days I have to paint one with a multi-color metallic paint.

As of October, 2023, I have a K52 convertible Testarossa in stock.

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k53 - Ferrari
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