Pocher K93 Mercedes-Benz 500K-AK Cabriolet 1935 1/8 model car kit!

This kit was patterned on the K74 kit from the early 1970’s but with a few modifications. Some brake and steering parts were removed and, more significantly, the wire wheels were replaced with plastic wheels.

As with most Classic Pocher models, the kit includes:

Working headlights
Working suspension
Working brakes
Working crankshaft
Working doors and windows
Leather upholstery material

The K93 was produced in the late 1990’s meaning the plastic in these kits is not as brittle as the earlier kits. Also, the plastic wheels are much easier to assemble than the wire wheels on the earlier models.

Please note this item is not in stock at the moment but check with me if you are interested as I always have several Pocher kits available.

As of October, 2023, we have two of these kits in stock.

Thanks for looking,

The Modeller’s Workshop

Pocher K93
Pocher K93
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