Pocher K95 Mercedes-Benz 540K Rumble Seat 1/8 scale model car kit!

The last Mercedes kit designed and produced by Pocher, this one has the plastic wheels on the lovely Rumble-seat body.

These amazing kits include:
Leather for the seats
Working headlights
Working crankshafts
Working doors
Working windows
Working brakes

As with all Pocher kits, remember that nothing fits when you start putting these together. Because of this there is a huge difference between putting together the kit straight from the box and actually perfecting the model. These models take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of years to complete, depending on your interest.

This model has the plastic wheels, which are a welcome advantage to certain modellers. The wheels are much easier to assemble than the wire wheels and the spokes themselves look more realistic than the unpainted wire wheels.

This kit is not in stock at the moment but I do get these on a regular basis. Please check with me if you are interested as I always have something around that might work for you.

Thanks for looking,

The Modeller’s Workshop

Pocher K95
Pocher K95
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