Set of twenty-one (21) Dorade vents for J-class Ranger in 1:16 scale – kit number MW671!


Greetings! A few people asked me if I could make a specific parts package for just the Dorade vents. So, I put together a package specific to Ranger, but it can be rearranged to meet any J-class configuration. This particular package has the 21 vents altogether. The parts are resin printed so you have a nice level of detail and smoothness. There are 13 large vents and 8 small vents to be arranged as shown on the drawing below:

Please note that I can produce a different arrangement of vents, and I can even change the number of vents I print in one go. If you want a change of arrangement or number, please just ask. Of course, the price of a different package may differ.

Thank you!


MW671 - dorade vents
MW671 - dorade vents
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