Set of eighteen (18) winches for J-class sailboats – 1:16 scale – kit number MW663!

This set of 18 winches reflects the construction document for Rainbow as found on the Hoek Design website:

Here is the detail from that document:

Our winches:

The winches are resin printed and are very accurate, decorative, items. They have been cured but, in order to stop the curing process from continuing until the parts become brittle, they should be painted with a primer on all sides and then finished according to your interests.

Here is a picture of the winches, as you will receive them. This is the large set, of 28 winches.

This is the large set, composed of 28 winches.

We hope you like this set of winches and will be happy to produce one for you.

Made In Canada by Modeller’s Workshop.

MW663 - winches
MW663 - winches
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